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Consumption of organic foods is a healthy prevention technique to avoid the health hazards caused by inorganic foods. The general assumption that the organic foods are costly than their inorganic counterparts, is inaccurate. The reason organic foods are priced higher than the inorganic foods is because of the limited supply of the organic produce. The number of organic farms and fields in our country is exponentially less compared to the normal farms and fields. This is the main reason for the availability of organic foods being less, also organic fields produce low yields. The conversion process of an inorganic field into organic is a slow and difficult process. When the demand for the organic foods increases more farmers will convert their farms into organic, which will in turn increase the supply of the organic products ultimately resulting in the lower price for organic foods. The important fact to keep in mind is that the extra money we pay for the organic foods is the money we need not spend on doctors and medicines later on.
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