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A quick facts about eating Organic foods over non-organic foods. Here are the few benefits you can enjoy with Organic food. ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY Studies have shown antioxidant level in our body increases after started consuming organic food. It prevents our body from the foreign chemicals that causes cancer, heart disease, premature aging, cognitive malfunction and more. PESTICIDE REDUCTION One of the major compliments is that organic foods are pesticide free. More than 80% of the non-organic foods are coated with unnatural chemical compounds which is quite harmful to our body system. In organic, natural fertilizer as we call it "Panchagavya" and natural manure is used for cultivation. IMMUNE SYSTEM Genetic modification, making tomatoes larger and larger yield and production over the year, solving world hunger issues in the last decades. Let that part be a fact. But over the decade the immune system of the human body reduced enormously decreasing strength, weak to allergies and sexual dysfunction. Organic foods are completely natural and out of genetic modification culture! BETTER TASTE Some people strongly believe that Organic food tastes better than non-organic food as the way of organic means of production. Furthermore, Organic foods are available fresh in the market rather than being frozen, shipped and transported across long distance. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY As harmful chemicals are not used in Organic farming, there is minimal soil, air, water pollution; thus ensuring a safer and healthier world for further generations to live in. Visit and subscribe for more info Maatram organic shop 22, Lake view road West mambalam Chennai- 600033 Mail: Contact: +91 7358-620066 +91 44-43599676
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